Annbjørg Lien

Waltz With Me

Commissioned work “Waltz With Me” on CD!

“Waltz With Me” is part of a concert commissioned by Telemark Folk Music Festival in Norway, July 2007. I wanted to put together a folk music quartet, and was honoured when Bruce, Mikael and Christine agreed to take part in this project. The music was written in an attempt to find a point of intersection for these wonderful musicians in their traditions, personal style and hearts."
– Annbjørg

A musical melting pot

This work was also presented at the Celtic Connections festival in Scotland the following year. The string quartet consists of Annbjørg Lien, Hardanger fiddle and fiddle; Bruce Molsky (USA), fiddle and vocals; Christine Hanson (Canada/Scotland), cello; and Mikael Marin (Sweden), viola.
“Waltz With Me” unites four strong artists and their rich traditions in a musical melting pot that transcends genres.
The free arrangements reflect a long tradition of collaboration, crossover and playfulness.

The guest artist on this record is Kirsten Bråten Berg, on vocals and zither.

The texts were written by Arnt Birkedal and Knut Buen.

“Groups brought together in this way very often cease after the first gig. On this repeat outing, this one sounded like it was finding a groove that’s going places.”
– Rob Adams, The Herald (Scotland)

“Waltz With Me is a great record all around with wonderful compositions and arrangements performed by a band that is willing to go where Lien asks them to go.”
– Greg Harness, Rootsworld ( USA)

Cover art by Ørnulf Opdahl

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