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Bukkene Bruse

Bukkene Bruse

Bukkene Bruse’s debut album is a journey through Norwegian folk music, and shows why this group has been invaluable in bringing Norwegian folk music alive and making it accessible to today’s listeners!

In 1992, Bukkene Bruse were appointed the official musicians for the 1994 Winter Olympic Games in Lillehammer.

The following year they released their debut album, “Bukkene Bruse”, which was received with critical acclaim. They were acknowledged as uniquely innovative and experimental performers of Norwegian folk music.

The group´s experimentation with traditional performing styles and their unusual combination of instruments brought something new into the Norwegian interpretation of folk material.

The album features traditional tunes, marches, lullabies and religious folk songs, but also more recent songs such as Knut Buen´s hymn “Bøn” and “Miriams voggelåt”, with lyrics by Sondre Bratland and music by Steinar Ofsdal.

It also includes traditional tunes from outside of Norway, such as the Gaelic folk tune “Tabhair dom do lahm”.

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